Hope Housing emerged from the desire of churches across Bridlington Deanery to come up with a response to homelessness that makes a longer-term difference than the more temporary helping responses, however good they are, such as foodbanks.

As a Deanery we wanted to be able to put a roof over the heads of people who otherwise might be sleeping in the local woods, sofa-surfing in over-populated houses and flats in Bridlington or huddled in a doorway near the seafront.

Hope Housing gives people a chance to get off the streets and to address mental health and addiction issues in a supportive helping environment thus making an impact that can lead to life transformation.


More Than Just A Room ...

We currently have two houses in Bridlington with 6 people staying across them at any one time.

As well as providing the men with a safe home we also provide them with guidance, support and mentoring to help them move forward positively in their lives. All this is provided by a team of volunteers, drawn largely from local churches, led by our paid Housing Support Officers.

Our great desire is that these men are welcomed into a home that we would be happy to live in and that they are loved and challenged into lifestyles that are healthy and independent.

Rooms changing lives..

A room in one of our houses represents more than just a roof over their heads to our residents, It's a fresh start and a new hope for the future.

Here is what they say about what their room means to them…..

“I feel a lot better in myself and not messed up in my head. I feel more at home there and more settled.”

“It’s been a real Godsend.”

Our Next Steps

Our work is clearly making a real difference to the lives of the men in our houses but we are aware that there are many more men who need help.

We are currently working with our housing partner Green Pastures to acquire a third house in Bridlington which we hope to achieve in the next year.

Long term we would also like to be able to offer independent living accommodation that our residents could move onto when they are ready.

We are also looking at developing further the support we give to our residents through both employment and training opportunities and enrichment activities. As part of this we have recently set up a social enterprise organisation called Hope Clean and Repair which will provide an opportunity for some of the men, and others, to gain skills and work-experience



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