Snake Davis & Robin A. Smith

in concert at Christ Church, Bridlington

Saturday 27th April 2024 at 7pm

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Rooms Changing Lives

A room in one of our houses represents more than just a roof over their heads to our residents, it's a fresh start and a new hope for the future.

Here some of their stories:


“ I was sleeping on park benches and after that I was living in a tent in the woods for a couple of months. Then I met Dave from Hope Housing and I was offered a place in one their houses. It’s the best thing that happened to me, I’m getting my life sorted again.*


“I feel a lot better in myself and not messed up in my head. I feel more at home there and more settled.”


“ It’s been a real Godsend”


" I was going to have to leave the hostel where I had been living. I'm really happy to be in a Hope Housing Bridlington house and I get on well with the other two men there. I feel a lot better about my life now. My goal is to have my own place so that my grandchildren can come and visit. "


“it’s somewhere to call home and we get support here as well, which is what I really needed.

I want to straighten my life out.”




Mick’s Story

I was in a real bad place as I had an accident that caused PTSD. Eventually it ripped my life a part, it cost me my marriage of 35 years, my kids and drove me to alcohol and self harming. I lived in a box room with mattress on the carpet for 7 months just eating sausage rolls. I did not realize the person I rented from took drugs, didn’t clean and the place was filthy. I finally got out of there and ended up moving about, self harming and got to a stage where I was living in a caravan on a bit of land with no electricity, running water or heating during winter. I had a load of house guests (mice) running over everything and everywhere.

One day I got in touch with Citizens Advice and they told me about a scheme that was going on in Bridlington and would you like us to get in touch and have a word. I said yes as anything was better than this because I actually tried to take my own life but didn’t have enough paracetamol where I was stopping. I only took 15-17 and ended up in hospital as I could not take anymore. Anyway, they got in touch and I came for an interview with Richard and Mike, had a chat and they offered me a place in Hope Housing Bridlington which I took and from there my life has completely changed.

I started going to church for the art club which I really enjoyed and still do enjoy. Met many a good people that kept me on track and brought me through it. As a thank you, I like to do art so I did some Christmas Cards which hopefully make church a bit of money for all they have done.

Now I have met someone and I couldn’t ask for a better person to share my life with. We are about to move into a new house together and this is all about Hope Housing are the people that done it. Emmanuel Church has been brilliant, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and there was always somebody there to talk to or take me to hospital when needed. I will put it this way, if it wasn’t for Emmanuel Church and Hope Housing I wouldn’t be here today, I would have ended it. Through them I have come out the other side and I couldn’t ask for anything better. That’s basically it and I want to thank everybody involved, you saved my life.


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