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Our Staff

We currently employ two members of staff who between them work for 32.5 hours a week supporting our residents

Mike Matravers - Housing Support Officer (22.5 hours)

Mike joined us in November 2020






Dave Howe - Housing Support Officer (10 hours)

Dave Howe joined our staff in November 2023 having worked as a volunteer for us for many years.




Our Housing Support Officers have a range of responsibilities:

  • managing our properties on a day to day basis ensuring that they are safe and that we are fulfilling all our legal responsibilities as landlords including fire Inspections and all other Health and Safety requirements..
  • ensuring that our properties are well maintained and that any repairs or maintenance issues are dealt with promptly.
  • helping our residents apply for Housing Benefit and providing them with housing related benefits advice.
  • running house meetings with our residents to resolve any issues, listen to views and improve standards.
  • providing emotional support, counselling and advice to our residents.
  • providing help to new residents in settling in to their new home
  • helping our residents to develop domestic skills.
  • providing advice, advocacy and liason to our residents to help them manage their finances and benefit claims.
  • helping our residents gain access to other services
  • helping to ensure the health and well being of our residents




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